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Congratulations on making a very smart investment for your business.  Now let's tailor your membership site to suit your specific needs. You can grow your business faster with our companion product  - Practical Chatbots - Pro Level.   It contains over the shoulder training videos, an instructional guide and audio format training to walk you step by step through the automation and integration of your chatbots with other apps that will help you move to the next level.

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You've made a smart investment getting Practical Chatbots - Basic Level.  We want to help you reach your goals even faster. You now have the opportunity to obtain the resources that you can use to excel faster than with the basic level material alone:

  • Over the shoulder video training means you see the exact steps to set things up right
  • Integrate your Chatbots with other apps like your autoresponder to grow your email list fast
  • Audio format training to learn on the go
  • Basic and advanced email integration
  • Advanced chatbot and SMS integration

Let’s Face The Facts - Businesses That Don’t Start Using Chatbot Automation and Integration May Soon Be Extinct

We've included the amazing Practical Chatbots Pro level that walks you through step by step how to easily integrate and automate your chatbots with some of your favorite applications.  Did you know you can integrate your chats to automatically add your Chatbot chatter's email address to your autoresponder lists?  You can also segment and tag all your new subscribers to aid in your marketing campaigns.  Automation and integration free up your time so you can take care of more important aspects of your business.

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Practical Chatbots - Pro

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"Over The Shoulder" Videos

You get a basic series consisting of 20 videos plus an advanced series consisting of another 20 videos showing step by step how to accomplish each specific task, covering topics such as:  Overview, autoresponder integration,  Facebook integration, additional social media integration, YouTube integration  and much more.


Audio Format

Like to learn on the go?  Audio version is perfect for learning while driving, running etc.

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No more manually transferring your contacts to your autoresponder from your chatbot.  Learn here how to automate the process.  What to communicate with your contacts via SMS?..... learn how here.  Learn how to easily integrate your chatbot with other social media platforms.  You get the "done with you" videos that allow you to stretch your "manpower" to limits you didn't know were possible with the integration and automation techniques taught in the Practical Chatbot Pro Level.   

Recap Of All That's Included

Practical Chatbot Pro Level Video

20 basic level videos plus an additional 20 advanced level videos teaching about autoresponder integration,  Facebook integration, additional social media integration, YouTube integration and much more.

Audio Format Instruction

Learn automation and integration of your chatbots on the go while you're driving, running or even doing housework.

No Questions Asked.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Practical Chatbot Pro - Upgrade Package is backed by our money back guarantee for 30 days.  If you are dissatisfied by the product for any reason, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

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Practical Chatbots - Pro
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Don't miss this opportunity to excelerate the building of your business.   See ya on the inside!

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