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And the Positively Practical Team

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So... What Exactly Is Practical Chatbot Secrets?

Our ROCK SOLID Sales Funnel Converts

Practical Chatbot Secrets is an ultimate step-by-step Facebook Chatbot Tutorial - installing and leveraging your FB Chatbot in 18 minutes or less! This allows you to manage your business by being very responsive which will provide excellent customer service, deliver your content, acquire customers and a lot more, all 24/7 and in a seamless, automated way.

Our funnel starts with an initial payment of $27 which is the Basic level that is equipped with high quality content eBook, video modules, audio courses and mind maps. While the Pro Level features a training tool that will help you integrate, automate and innovate your business so you can focus on your most important work which will speed up building your business for $47.

Anything you need to have a successful campaign is put together in one place for your convenience, now you can earn massive commissions like crazy!

icon-link Product & Funnel: A Rock Solid Reputation

Exclusive Membership

We have been working hard in perfecting this Affiliate Marketing programs. And now finally the long wait is over. We are very pleased to introduce to you this new marketing tool, Practical Chatbots Secrets. We....Gail Brisco, aka Mrs B, and The Positively Practical Team are offering a cost-efficient business solution for IM’s who want to leverage affiliate marketing tools without breaking the bank. We have created a cost-effective version of affiliate marketing tool kit, offering 100% commissions on the front end, on top of its extremely affordable package rate.

We've provided you with a complete toolbox for promotional tools to make it super easy for you to promote. Just copy paste and update...use on your site, in your emails, on your Facebook and blog posts. We've made it super easy for you to succeed.


High Conversions & Low Refunds

The sales funnel is simple and has proven to convert up to xxx and bring in xxxx EPC (earnings per click). Payments are processed securely with JVZoo and your customer can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Your customers get a 30 day guarantee and they'll have the best customer service in the known universe. We do all of our own customer service in house, they can submit a ticket. We aim to make your people happy no matter what it takes.

We use raw links, so all traffic you bring, stays cookied to you. Our follow-up series of ads will redirect your leads back for that sale that is credited directly to you, our JV Partner.



If you don't yet have an autoresponder, we personally use GetResponse and you can get a free trial (no credit card required).

Keith & Gail Brisco

And The Positively Practical Team

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