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People open messages, respond, click links, and engage with chatbots up to 10x more than with email marketing or traditional communication

Expert marketers are lucky to get 30% of their followers to open an email when they send a message to their list of email subscribers!

Compare that to a custom-made chatbot which takes only 5 mins to create and it becomes clear why everyone should be creating chatbots...

Even the most beginner of newbies can get a 75% or higher open rate when they get a chatbot to deliver their marketing message!  This means it only takes a tiny trickle of traffic to make your business start converting.

Chatbots are an amazing way to engage with potential customers in any niche and convert FAST!

Chatbot Technology is an untapped opportunity for ANYBODY to be successful online

  • 100 % Newbie Friendly - No Experience Required - Advanced Tactics Included for Experienced Marketers As Well.
  • Step by Step Video Training - Every step, every moment, explained in detail so you never feel lost or confused!
  • No List Required -  we will show you how to build a quality targeted list
  • No Coding knowledge required - we lead you through, showing step by step all you need to create amazingly effective chatbots.

More than email, more than social media, Chatbots offer the unbelievable potential to connect with people and put your products in front of those who are ready to BUY.

Chatbot development has skyrocketed recently and no other technology is emerging with more opportunity to make money online..

There's a Big Problem Though

Most People Fail To Make Money With Chatbots

And the reason is crystal clear.

It Takes a LOT of practice, patience, knowledge and money to learn to develop your own chatbots to make your connections and do the work for you!

You've got 3 options to solve the situation

Option #1

Spend tons of time fumbling around experimenting, failing, experimenting, failing and trying again until you figure out the right way to set up effective chatbots.

Option #2

Spend tons of money paying someone who doesn't understand your business or how to market effectively,  to create chatbots for you.

Option # 3 -  The Best Option

Introducing Practical Chatbots

Exclusive Membership

Loaded with insider tips and techniques to jump start your high converting chatbots.

How Simple Chatbots

Can Cause Massive Growth in Your Business ....

  • Significant increase in conversion over other forms of marketing platforms
  • All perks, less work - Send the traffic and let the Chatbot do the work
  • Fast - Chatbots have impact from day 1
  • Recurring growth - Once someone talks to your bot, they are subscribed and you can reach out to them again and again

Chatbots are an extremely powerful Conversion Tool

Once you set your first chatbot with an objective, be prepared for a tidal wave of results

Chatbots Are One of The Most Effective Tools A Marketer Can Use to Send Traffic ANYWHERE!

Chatbots are also great for sending traffic to other "value points" in your business...

Send traffic to your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Facebook group, free trial, membership site, webinar and more... The list is endless!


Need Practical Chatbots


Is Fully-Loaded With Training Designed To Have You Making Chatbots FAST

Lead Strategy

Let your chatbot do the hard work and go from clicks into targeted leads!

Detailed Chatbot Creation

Practical Chatbots explains the technical side of putting together your first chatbot as well as the creative side.

You will learn exactly what to have your chatbot say and when - and even get access to exclusive templates for setup ease!

Build an Email List

Practical Chatbots can teach you how to warm-up your traffic before sending them over to your opt-in page to massively increase your conversion rates - and which can then deliver your lead magnet directly to the subscriber.

Create High-Converting Chatbots That Will

Do The Work FOR YOU

Practical Chatbots - Basic

Practical Chatbots Gives You Everything You Need To Know to Make High Converting CHATBOTS

One Low Price Gives You:

Practical Chatbots Instructional Guide

Helping newbies and advance level marketers navigate through the area of creating effective chatbots.   Helping you avoid pitfalls.  Providing step by step instructions.   Read it online or download it to read elsewhere.

Audio Format

Download the audio version of the guide and listen while you're on the go.

Video Training

Want to look over our shoulders while we demonstrate for you step by step how to create chatbots.  Stop, start, review the video training as often as you need to follow along for each detail.

Chatbot Conversations Template

Never miss or forget a critical step again when creating your chatbot conversations - we've provided templates to give you an easy starting point for creating your own chatbot conversations that meet your exact business needs.

Exclusive Mastermind Group

Your exclusive access to 24/7 mastermind group where you can gain additional knowledge and help.  Learn from chatbot insiders, beginners, veterans and more, get bonus training, seminars, units, and more in a completely spam-free environment where your success is the #1 goal of the community.

Recap Of All That's Included

Value Packed Instructional Guide

To guide you through developing your chatbots - value $97

MP3 Audio

To allow learning on the go -  value $47

Video Training

For Visual Learners - value $97

Chatbot Conversations Template

Sample Chatbot conversations to pattern your own specific chatbot messages  -  value $47

Exclusive Access

To Private Mastermind Group - value $ PRICELESS

No Questions Asked.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Practical Chatbots is backed by our money back guarantee for 30 days.  If you are dissatisfied by the product for any reason,  just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

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Practical Chatbots - Basic
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